My New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy glasses online and I asked your help for which glasses to order. Well, the people have voted and a decision was made. As promised, I purchased the frames with the most votes. It was a close decision between two frames, but the “Black Two-Stripe Detail Frame” won by a close two points.

I ordered my prescription glasses a day after the poll was down and they were waiting for me when I got home from New York. Here they are (on a not-so great webcamera – sorry!).

Snapshot 5 (12-21-2011 8-42 AM)Snapshot 3 (12-21-2011 8-40 AM)Snapshot 2 (12-21-2011 8-34 AM)

What do you think? The glasses are a little bigger than I imagined, and very different from my boring rectangular frames. But I like them and I think after a while I’ll get used to wearing them. Thanks again for voting! I should ask your opinion on every decision I make. ;)

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