Happy New Year! 2012 & January Goals

Happy 2012! A new year, a new beginning. I always love making goals, but for this year, I’m just setting general intentions, especially since I always write specific monthly goals. :)

2012 Intentions:

  • Take mini weekend vacations.
  • Celebrate our 1st anniversary.
  • Continue reading great books.
  • Lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Celebrate new marriages and new births.
  • Save for our 6-months emergency fund and start a house fund.
  • Cook new recipes.
  • Start new traditions.
  • Give away time and money.

January Goals:

One thing I love about the new year is that it’s chic to save money. People understand when you say, “Sorry, we can’t [fill in the blank] because we’re sticking to a new budget” since everyone else is on the same resolution bandwagon. So I am embracing that and having a no-frivolous spending month.

  • Workout three times a week.
  • Finish reading Life of Pi and start another book.
  • Don’t spend any money on clothes, accessories or decorations.
  • Be intentional about morning and evening routines.
  • Blog four times a week.
  • Only purchase fresh foods at the grocery store and use all of our freezer and pantry items. Plus, if you have a walk in cooler, it’s a perfect place to store your fresh produce and other perishables to keep them fresh for longer.
  • Take at least 30 minutes for lunch and don’t eat at my desk.

December’s Goals Recap:

December seemed to be a very long, wonderful month. I can’t believe I went to Atlanta, New York City, multiple holiday parties, and even managed to have a 10-day holiday from work. It was fabulous.

  • Watch my favorite holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life (We actually did not see it this year! Instead we laughed until we cried watching old home videos on Christmas Eve.)
  • Watch J’s favorite holiday movie Home Alone
  • Make a Christmas wreath (Yeah, this didn’t happen.)
  • Finish two books — (Just finished one)
  • Eat lots of food (but too much!)
  • Visit my best friend in Atlanta
  • Finish all of my Christmas shopping
  • Travel with J to New York City
  • Have a holly, jolly Christmas

What are your 2012 or January goals? I’d love to hear! :)

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