My Favorite Christmas Presents

I got some awesome gifts for Christmas. Some books, a necklace, tickets to the Performing Arts theater… it was truly a wonderful Christmas. But there are two gifts in particular¬† that have become instant loves in my life.

1. Keurig Coffee Maker
Have you ever used one of these? I unexpectedly got one for Christmas from my in-laws and it’s amazing. This fabulous little machine has simplified my morning coffee routine: instead of using my huge pot of coffee to make one cup in the morning, this genius machine will give me the perfect serving size. I love it!

^That New York mug was also a gift. Since J and I gave each other the trip for Christmas, we decided to wrap up a mug we bought in the Columbus Circle Starbucks so we’d have something to open. The package said “To Jeff & Ginna, From Jeff & Ginna.” Yeah, we’re nerds.

2. A Beautiful Bike!
I feel like a little kid when I say I got a bike for Christmas, but it truly was such a wonderful surprise from my parents. Long time readers may remember when I had a bike in DC, but I gave it away when I moved to Raleigh because my first apartment didn’t have a good spot to keep it dry. So finally I have a bike back in my life! I cannot wait for spring’s arrival so I can take more frequent rides. Look how pretty she is. :)

What were some of your favorite Christmas gifts this year?

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  • the bike is beautiful! i keep thinking i might want to take up riding one.

    i also got a keurig :) my mama had a coupon and she thought it would be a nice treat for when i have guests, and when i’m able to add coffee back into my life. it’s only been used a few times but it’s delightful!

    my other favorite gifts were earrings from ben (diamonds AND pearls! spoiled girl) and the canon rebel camera he got me (us) to prepare for the arrival of the wee one. so awesome!

  • Well I loved all of my Christmas presents also. My second favorite was the oversized print of my favorite photo that my boyfriend took. The photo is such a favorite I decorated my bedroom around it. My favorite gift was on New Years day though. It was a ruby engagement ring! He gave me Christmas presents like he’d normally do so I was certain that it wasn’t on the horizon. Talk about a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    So now, I’m going to re-read all of your wedding planning posts. :D

  • My sister has wanted a Keurig coffeemaker ever since they have come out, so I’m sure she’ll be jealous that my blog friend has one! :) Lucky girl re: the bike too! I bet you can’t wait to take it out…does jeff have one too? Then you could go out and have bike dates and picnics! :)