Have a happy weekend!

Happy Friday my friends! What are you up to this weekend? I feel like I’m getting sick (not again!) so I plan to keep this weekend low-key and very casual.  Here are five happy things to end your week on:

1. Check out the 10 Things You Do to Save Money that End Up Costing You More article on Life Hacker. Have you done any of those ten things? I confess I have gone out of my way to find cheap gas before. But haven’t we all?

2. This chart made me laugh, by GraphJam found via Cup of Jo.

3. I am hoping to finish this book this weekend. Has anyone seen the movie? I am curious to see how they manage to tell this story — it’s hard to imagine such a mind-thinking book as a screenplay.

4. Oh Jordan. Every time I visit her blog I find something awesome and fun. This week: DIY Surprise Lanterns!

5. Another funny find this week via Etsy:

Have a happy weekend! xo

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  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is my all-time favorite book. I hope you’re enjoying it! Regarding the movie, I didn’t like what I saw on the trailers and commercials. Obviously they wanted it to be a mainstream Hollywood hit and I just felt like it missed a lot of the “vibe” and emotions in the book (& the images I pictured in my head reading is not what was played out in the film), but then again I am basing this all on the 3 minute trailer. I’m sure I will watch it one day (and not pay $12 in theaters now) and hopefully I’m wrong.

    Feel like I’m commenting too much on the book/film! eeek, :)