Have a very good weekend.

Oh hi there, Blog. It’s been a while, no?

This week has been… work. Lots and lots of work. I love my job and I love my position, but right now things are busy and I find myself drained at the end of the day. Thus no posts aside from the usual Monday check up.

But enough excuses — it’s Friday! That happy day that puts an end to work and starts a weekend of rest. (Or at least for some of us.:) What are you up to this weekend? J has to work Saturday so I am going to Greensboro to spend some time with my family and catch up some housekeeping items that have sadly been neglected lately.

Five happy things for your Friday:

1. Lasagna Rolls — What an ingenious way to make lasagna (and maybe you won’t overeat, a problem I always seem to have with lasagna).

2. I’d like to make this lovely window coffee table, via Oh! Glory Vintage

3. How pretty are these terrariums? I’m thinking about making one for a side table.

4. I love these Amy Butler towels, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. Last night at Target, I bought a bag of these. I suggest you do the same.

I hope all of you have a very good weekend. I promise to post more next week. :)

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  • Love you Ginna and I’m praying that work gets better for you! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  • Love the lasagna idea! I myself recently had the realization that you can take most things you make in a pan, put it in a cupcake sheet and BAM – individual servings! I tried it with egg quiches for breakfast before, and just now I put a few mini cobblers in the oven. Is it sad that that lights up my friday night? Haha.

  • If you get the chance, while in G’boro…….go to Maxie B Bakery and have a slice of Strawberry Buttercream cake……….it is the best!!

  • Ooooh I looove Maxie B’s Bakery! It really has the best place in the world! I didn’t get any this past weekend, but that is actually where our wedding cake was from, since my cousin’s wife works there. :)