My morning with Gigi

This past Saturday I drove to Greensboro to spend some time with my grandmother Gigi. I turned off her TV and put on Celtic music. She napped while I crocheted granny squares. I read aloud passages from the Bible and an article on cherry blossoms from my January copy of Southern Living. I told her stories of what was going on in my life today and memories I had of when I was younger.

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She didn’t remember who I was, but it was the perfect morning. At one point I said, “I love you Gigi!” and she laughed and said, “Well, I love you too!” as if it was silly to have any other response.

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  • Aw, what a lovely visit. Gigi looks like a really sweet old lady. She’s lucky to have such a great granddaughter to reminisce with, Ginna. Love yours and J’s Christmas greeting card tacked up on the mirror there.

  • Ginna this is so cute, warmed my heart. My own “Nana” passed away when I was in high school due to complications from alzheimer’s and I miss her terribly. You’re so sweet to take time out of your busy schedule to visit with her. And I love that her name is Gigi – that’s what my mother is going to be called as a grandmother :)

  • Oh wow this is such a beautiful post and the time spent with your grandma…priceless!

  • Aw, sorry about your Nana… it’s such a terrible disease and so hard to see someone go through it. I love that your mom will be called Gigi! Such a sweet grandmother’s name. :)

  • I confess- I do not check your blog frequently. But the Lord works in mysterious ways and obviously, I must check ones I need. (Ask J) What a wonderful day of ‘experience’ for you & Gigi! I hope that you have more – but if not, WOW – what a day of sharing. Just between you and GiGi – beyond the comprehension of this world. One you both will remember forever.