It’s Tax Time!

Oh boy! It’s February 1st! You know what that means!


I love tax season. I get practically giddy when I receive my W2s in the mail. I love organizing all of our accounts, income,  charitable donations, interest and calculating the amount of money we should get back from ol’ Uncle Sam. Ah! It’s so exciting.

I know there’s a whole camp of people who feel differently and see tax refunds as frustrating and boring. And I get that, it is kind of a tedious process. I also know many personal finance gurus see tax refunds as cheating yourself of a year of compound interest.  But there’s just something about receiving that large (or small) payout all at once that does a heart good. Plus how much interest are you really getting on your saving accounts? The most I am is a measly 1%.

Anyway, we plan to file our taxes this month. I wonder how much money we will get back this year?  Eeee! So excited!

So, what about you?
Do taxes make you confused and frustrated?
Or do you find yourself excited putting together your taxes?
Do you outsource your taxes to an accountant or use an online version?

I’d love to know!

PS – Check out my last few years’ tax refunds: 2010, 2009, 2008

PPS – I’m starting to rethink my calling… perhaps I should have been an accountant? Hm.

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  • The only thing that gets me through tax season is the fact that I have a personal finance advisor. I think I would melt down if I didn’t. I’m glad you enjoy it though. :)

  • Tax season is fun when you know you’re getting a refund. It’s not so much fun when you know you’re going to owe.. :)

  • my aunt does our taxes so it’s pretty stress free for us. However, this year is the only year where I don’t know if we’ll get a refund or if we’ll owe. THIS year will be a worrisome one.

  • I have to wait =( my T4 won’t be available from my current employer until February 11th, and my old employer was suuuuuper slow getting it to me last year I’m kind of expecting the same again this year. Sigh. I’ll be filing at the end of the month, or even March =(

  • I love refunds as well. We owed a lot of money one year and we also didn’t save ANY of the extra money we got because we were so irresponsible. Ever since we finished paying the IRS debt, we vowed to never owe again and keep our deductions at 0. We are getting a sizeable return this year as well and I wouldn’t change how we do it – I love getting the refund!