January Recap & February Goals

Hello February! It’s good to see you again. Snow has had its chance and now I’m ready for Spring. This month is promised to be a good one with plays to attend, trips planned and a wedding the last weekend (yay!). Here are some of the things I’d like to get done this month.

February Goals:

  • Read at least one book
  • Travel to Nashville with my sister and mother in law
  • Do something fun on Leap Day, after all it only comes once every four years!
  • File our taxes and figure out what to do with our refund
  • Consistently read my Bible five days a week
  • Cook and blog three new recipes
  • Finish reading Simple Blogging and put at least three things into practice this month
  • Participate in the Fab Ab February:

Curious to see how I did on my January goals? Not so great. On the other hand, we stayed well under our budget this month, which is always rare and welcome. :)

January Goals, recapped:

  • Workout three times a week. :: Fail. I did workout some… but maybe two times a week average.
  • Finish reading Life of Pi and start another book.
  • Don’t spend any money on clothes, accessories or decorations. :: I did buy some clothes, but I only spent like $30 on three things and saved like $90, so I don’t feel too guilty. Perks of post-Christmas shopping!
  • Be intentional about morning and evening routines. More on this later :)
  • Blog four times a week. :: Yeah we all know this didn’t happen.
  • Only purchase fresh foods at the grocery store and use all of our freezer and pantry items. :: What a vague goal I set for myself… of course there’s still freezer and pantry items that I didn’t eat, but we did try to use what we had this month.
  • Take at least 30 minutes for lunch and don’t eat at my desk. :: Major fail. I think I did this January 2 and that’s only because it was a holiday for everyone else. Perhaps this will be easier when work calm down? 

(top photo credit; fab ab image found via pinterest – who’s surprised?:)

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  • Cool Ab workout! I love that it progresses so nicely too — that way it seems more attainable instead of looking at the end and being like “I gotta do what?!”

    What ideas do you have for leap day?

  • Great job on Jan. goals…can’t wait for your trip to Nashville..i want to go visit too so your recap should be fun!