Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!

I have always had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

It was such a fun holiday when you are little. I remember my mom would serve us heart-shaped pancakes, give us little boxes of chocolates, and I’d walk to school in my new heart socks and “XO” earrings to bring my friends Lisa Frank valentine cards. (Those were the days, eh?) As I got older, it became the dreaded single-awareness holiday and my dad would step in and make me and my sisters feel loved with flowers or sweet cards. In college I’d find some girls and have Galentine’s Day (like on Parks and Rec). Later, when J and I started dating we never made it a big deal being long distance. Last year we tried the romantic get-dressed-up dinner, but learned we’re just not cut out for that kind of holiday cuteness.

So tonight we are picking up Hibachi take-out, getting in our PJs, watching TV and munching on the box of chocolates I got this morning.

This could possibly be my favorite Valentine’s Day ever

What are your thoughts — do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?
Either way, single or married, dating or pining, I hope you feel loved and cherished and have a fabulous day.

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  • Personally – I hate this holiday. I have had some horrific stuff happen to me (being dumped, being an afterthought, being told I didn’t deserve one) so yeah… don’t care for this day.

  • Ouch! No one deserves any of that! That’s some bad luck for Valentine’s Day! I hope that your day yesterday was better than you expected.