Nashville Trip: Part 2

On Saturday we left Nashville and drove an hour south to Columbia for a 100th birthday party for Debbie’s grandmother. Yes, you read that correctly — we went to a 100th birthday party! Can you imagine living that old? She was born in 1912 and has seen oh so many things. Amazing.

We started by taking a little tour of the town — here is the sweet home of Debbie’s grandmother on her mom’s side:

Then we went to help set up the party and get ready for the birthday girl, Louise, to arrive. Here are some photos from the party:

Doesn’t she look great at 100?

After the party we stayed with Debbie’s cousin in Franklin and had a lovely time touring the town and hanging out in their gorgeous home. Sunday we went back to Columbia and visited with Louise at her home and she gave me a doily that she crocheted. I couldn’t believe a 100-year old woman had the eyes to crochet something so intricate and detailed! That evening we went back to Nashville for an evening at the Wildhorse Saloon to line dance, and then to Tootsies for some more live music.

We left Monday and I regret I didn’t take that many pictures the rest of the trip (sorry, my SLR was weighing down my purse!), but we had a lovely time and I feel so blessed to have in laws that I enjoy and love traveling with.

Now the question is… where shall we travel to next? :)

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