We Got a Queen Bed!

Have I ever shared that J and I were sleeping in a full bed for almost a year of our marriage? Well, we were, and it was small. Our friends gave us their two-year old queen bed this past weekend since they are moving overseas. And y’all, it’s fantastic. Free bed and extra sleeping room? Yes please! Right now it’s on the floor until we get a bed frame, so it feels like we’re camping… except we’re on 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Which sounds like my kind of camping!

I decided to channel my inner Martha and order a cheap wire bed frame and then create a headboard from some of the DIY inspiration around on Pinterest. Here are a few things I’m considering:

Using old doors as a headboard — vintage and rustic!

I also love the idea of old wood as a backdrop.

Or, I could get an old fireplace mantle to use as a headboard! I saw some the last time I was at Vintage Village.

Below is another wood idea. I love the darker wood with our light blue pillows and white bedding.

Oooor I could find some old shutters to use.

There are so many ideas out there. I promise whatever I decide to create, I’ll post before/after pictures on here. :) Any other cool DIY headboards you’ve seen? Which one do you think I should do?

(photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5)

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  • I love them all! The ones I like best are the “rustic wood” ones, especially the door one. Unfortunately I love to sit up in bed and lean back against the headboard, so that would never work for me.

  • I love the look of the headboards. How fun! And by the way, Steve and I slept in a double bed until we moved into the house on Henderson- (about 20 years)! Hard to believe!

  • Ooooh! I love all of these ideas! And I definitely understand the excitement of moving up a bed size (I upgraded from a twin to a full last year, and I only had to share with my dog)! I had the same tough decisions, but instead, I went with lots of pillows (only half are seen in the pictures) and wall words. Here is a picture: http://vibrantgrace.com/2011/03/blissful-bedroom/ If you go that route, you can find custom ones fairly cheaply on etsy. Or just email me and I’ll send you the name of the place I got mine. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  • Cool cool! I like the horizontal wood headboard pin that you found. A headboard really classes up the joint, doesn’t it?!

    Chad and I slept in a full bed for 6 months and were NOT happy! Now we’re comfortably sleeping in a queen — here’s to more sleep-full nights. :)