Our New Toy: the iPad

I quickly mentioned last week in my WMC, but felt like it needed its own post:

J and I bought the new iPad!


I know, it’s exciting. :)

We did our taxes a month or so ago and were delighted to find we were going to receive about $1,800 back from Uncle Sam. Pretty sweet, eh? (That’s what happens when you get married and forget to change your W2. Oops. I don’t recommend doing it that way, but it was nice to get a large chunk of change all at once.)

Like good responsible adults, we decided to save $1,000 of it in our emergency fund, give away $300 to charity, and use the remaining $500 on something fun. We thought of different things we wanted — a sewing machine, a new hair straightener, an ottoman, curtains, new clothes (really all things I wanted) or splitting it up so we each had $250.

And then the new iPad was announced and it was decided. We both knew we would get more use out of the iPad than just spending the money on a bunch of smaller things. And so far we love it!

But I would love your help! Users of the iPhone and iPad:

What are the best apps?
What are your favorite games?
What are some time-saver / organizing apps?

This tech newbie would love to know. :)

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  • Awesome! I will check back in a week or two to see how much you are loving it!

    I’m thinking of getting one too, but I’m waiting for the a few reviews to come in. I’m tempted to get the Ipad2 at $100 off, but… after initial research I”m leaning towards the new one too!

  • Ohh I’m so jealous. I would love to get the new one. Currently I have the first gen and in Apple world is the great great Grandfather of all Ipad.

  • I bought an iPad 2 just before the new ones came out (at $100 off). I love it! Enjoy :)