Wellness Wednesdays: An Introduction

The freedom when I first went to college felt amazing. I could nap when I wanted, go to class when I wanted, and eat whatever I wanted. So that’s what I did. I had (what felt like) an unlimited meal card and would pile as much junk food on my cafeteria tray as my heart desired. I fit into the typical college kid stereotype and easily gained the Freshman 15 (or maybe it was the Freshman 20?) in my first year.

My wake-up call was in the middle of my sophomore year and I couldn’t fit into my “baggy” jeans. I looked at where I had come since I graduated high school and decided I needed to change. Just because I can eat whatever and whenever I want, doesn’t mean I should.

The road back to a healthy weight and lifestyle is a very hard one.  Only someone who’s actually worked to lose weight knows what I’m talking about. You almost have to reteach yourself how to eat — what kinds of foods are good for you, what nutrients you need daily to fuel your body, the combination of exercise to see results, and the discipline to stick with it.

Because a healthy lifestyle is so important, I have decided to start a little series called Wellness Wednesday. (I’m kind of stealing this brilliant idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Naturally Nina, who sadly no longer blogs.) This will be a weekly post on health, recipes, beauty, exercise, and anything else that may apply under the “wellness” umbrella.

I am no expert, but am excited to share more of my journey and hopefully hear from you on your tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to discuss any specific topic!

Did you gain the Freshman 15 (or 20!) when you went to college?

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  • I actually had the opposite happen. I was overweight in junior high and high school, eating fast food every single day my senior year (the thought now disgusts me, as I rarely eat it now), so by the time I got to college I just had enough. I think health and wellness, along with basic personal finance courses should be prerequisites in college…maybe even hight school. I mean these are the real things you deal with on a daily basis as an adult.

  • I gained weight after college. Long story short, I lived with someone and ended up eating a lot of comfort food. I’m slowly working it off and feel pretty good about it. I had that baggy jean moment and that was really what spurred me on.

  • i gained it and then lost it during graduation then gained it again. definitely wellness is something that we all need to keep focused on..can’t wait to see what info you have to share!!

  • um, yes. i definitely gained the freshman 20. can i blame it on the cafeteria food? ;)

  • Amen! I seriously think we all would be better off as adults if we learned just basic principles like finance and health in high school!

  • when I’m stressed, I actually completely lose my appetite. I will forget to eat (for DAYS) and when I try, everything tastes like cardboard. It’s horrible. Consequently, my first year of university I lost THIRTY POUNDS and weighed in at a scary 118lbs (which is way to small for my 5’8″ frame). I was a size 0 and looked like a bony mess. I’ve put on about 10-15lbs since (my weight fluctuates and I don’t own a scale so I’m not sure) and I look & feel sooo much healthier. It was bad. Still when I have a stressful week at work I’ll drop a size again though. It’s really bad but I really can’t help it.

  • Great topic and series to talk about Ginna! It’s crazy how much our bodies change during high school and college. I didn’t realize that I had put on serious weight but now am slowly losing it and getting back on track and that feels really good! Eager to see more posts like these!

  • Really looking forward to this whole series! I did not gain weight in college but have struggled a little with emotional eating due to work stress at my jobs.