Good Friday

Happy Friday my friends! It’s Easter weekend! Monday is our anniversary!

It’s actually quite funny that these two events are in the same weekend. When we got engaged we were choosing a date (one of the hardest decision for brides!) and decided we didn’t want it near either of our birthdays or holidays. Last year Easter was on the 23rd, so we thought, Pssh we’ll be fine! But lo and behold, this year it’s the day after Easter. Would it have been too hard to look at the next year’s calendar? Oh well. :) We have a super fun, yet very relaxing weekend ahead.

Today is Good Friday, a day I love to reflect and remember the pain and glory of Jesus’ death.

I wonder what Jesus’ disciples thought this day, thousands of years ago. They spent years thinking he was God and was the one to come and bring peace, only to see him tortured and killed by their government. How discouraging and disappointing it must have been for these men and women who gave up their lives to follow him.

And yet how glorious that Sunday must have been when they saw Jesus, risen from the dead. What must it have been like to realize that he fulfilled every prophecy in the Old Testament? To see the scars on his back and the wounds in his sides? To realize that his “peace” was not of worldly kingdoms, but of reconciliation with heaven forever? That the wrath of God for their sins (and mine) was poured out on Jesus, so that through his blood we can be redeemed?

What joy, what hope! Praise the Lord for the work on the cross and the salvation of my soul.

Not to get all religious on you, but as it’s the most important part of my life I can’t help celebrate this weekend. If you have any questions about why I celebrate Easter or more about the life and death of Jesus, please feel free to comment or email me. with questions.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


PS- I have a delightful surprise for you guys on Monday! Hope you like. :)

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  • Ours is the other way around…April 23rd is our anniversary…we were trying to figure out when Easter ill fall on the third Sunday again! Happy anniversary!

  • Happy Easter weekend to you. It’s such a special time for us isn’t it?!

  • This was really beautiful. I love all of the topics you blog about, and am so glad you include an occasional post on faith. :-)