An Affordable Spring Activity: Strawberry Picking!


Last week J came home from work and asked me the a question that put me in the very best mood: “Would you be interested in going strawberry picking this weekend?” Um, are you kidding me?? Do I want to do something cheap, outside, spontaneous, that supports local farmers? Yes please! Yes, yes yes!!

So that’s what we did on Saturday. :)

We pulled up to Phillips Farm right before noon. It feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s just off Highway 55 and pretty close to Morrisville and Cary. The family runs the whole operation out of their home. We picked up a bucket from their garage and went out to the fields to start choosing our strawberries.

Saturday was one of those perfect spring days – sunny, warm with a cool breeze. A cherished NC day before the hot, humid summer hits. As we were picking strawberries, the bells at the church across the street started ringing at noon and serenaded us for about 10 minutes* as we picked the ripest, reddest berries we could find.

Have you ever been in a moment that was so perfect that you got nostalgic just thinking about when you would leave? That’s how I felt strawberry picking.



It’s only $1.60 per pound, so we ended up getting almost 4 pounds for just $6. Can you believe that? So cheap! I will be sure to share what I end up doing with our 4-pound bucket.

To any Raleigh/Durham readers, I highly recommend visiting the farm and getting your own bucket of strawberries. It’s available through June and a great fun, cheap thing to do in the area. More deets here.

*PS – Does anyone remember that Gilmore Girls episode where they restore the church bells, and then all get so annoyed with them ringing every 15 minutes that they sneak into the church to break them again? :)

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  • Ginna, You should go back again and pick more strawberries and try your hand at making jelly! It is a family tradition of mine and there is nothing better in this world than homemade strawberry jelly. I live in CT and have to wait months before we have strawberries/jamming up here! Try it!!! You won’t be sorry!