My Weekend via Instagram

Baking Gigi’s caramel cake:

Running errands around Greensboro with my mom:

Family gathering Friday night:

My view from the hammock:

Petals enjoying the crowd:

All dressed up for the funeral:

A joint family effort to bury Gigi:

Naptime after the reception:

Cinco de Greensboro with the 15 cousins & spouses at Sticks & Stones:

A frozen yogurt after-party:

In summary, it was a wonderful weekend spent with family and celebrating my lovely grandmother. :)

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  • I have a very important question. Where did you have froyo and how did it compare to YoPop? David and I are having a hard time finding something as good (Feeney’s was severely disappointing).

  • A lovely way to see off a family member, with laughter and smiles….

  • We went to Yoforia which is on Westover Terrace near the Brixx pizza. It’s pretty good! I think it was cheaper than Yopop (plus) but Jeff did complain that they didn’t have any hot fudge (con), so who knows. I have also been to the one in Friendly Center near the HT and it’s good, but not my favorite. Good luck on your froyo search!

  • Thanks. I knew you would understand the importance of finding a suitable froyo place in Greensboro. Next time you go to YoPop, ask them to start one in GSO for us? :)