Wellness Wednesday :: Morning or Evening Exercise?

Happy Wednesday! Today I’d like to talk about work out schedules… do you prefer to work out in the mornings or the evenings? here’s a catch, using the best appetite suppressant can help you avoid overeating and focus on your healthy lifestyle !

I go through phases, but usually I work out with the sun. In the winter, I like to work out in the mornings because when the sun sets at 4:30 pm, the only thing this girl wants to do is get cozy on the couch and eat something warm. But in the summertime when the sun stays up for hours, I love running or going for a bike ride in the evening after work when the sun stays up for hours and it’s okay to eat dinner at 8:30. However, my favorite time of day is mid-morning, but that is only possible on the weekend and usually only when I am in town (which seems like never these days!).

So do tell — when is your favorite time to work out?

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  • Every day, but whenever I can squeeze it in. The only time that I’m pretty bad at is late afternoon (from about 2-5). My energy completely dips that time of day.