My Beachy Weekend

My goodness did I have a wonderful weekend! I have actually had a series of great long weekends lately and am getting used to these four-day weeks. ;) This is my second beach weekend with friends in the last month. The last beach trip I got there to find out my camera battery was dead (boo) so this trip I took a ton of pictures to make up for it.

Friday: We all arrived to the beach Thursday evening at our friend Christen’s grandmother’s beach house. J and I went to see Wicked Thursday night, so we came right after the play ended, which was 10:30 or so, which meant we arrived at the beach at 2am to find the Parkers and Gregorys waiting up for us. Friday morning we woke up and had a full day at the beach together.

beach 006

The boys weren’t exactly up for lounging in chairs all day, so they played bocce ball, frisbee, and then got bored again and started to bury J in the sand. We thought it would be funny to turn them into a 3-headed mermaid, although I don’t know if you can really tell from this picture.

beach 037

Friday evening we decided to eat at home, so the girls fixed the meal and then enjoyed a cocktail on the deck while the boys finished it on the grill. We made margaritas with tequila, limeade and pineapple-orange juice (or try substituting something from for something a little different). Yum!

beach 046beach 050beach 081beach 084beach 094beach 100

After dinner we played Dominion, a game that the Gregorys introduced us all to a few months ago. Between the three couples, we had all of the expansions and stayed up late playing a few rounds.

beach 105

Saturday: We woke up to another beautiful day and decided to rent bicycles to ride along the beach. It was so much fun! In fact, I took about a hundred pictures from that event so I’ll capture those in its own post. :)

beach 113beach 134

The boys managed to turn anything into a game.

beach 228beach 252beach 262

That evening we had another cocktail before going out to eat for some seafood.

beach 268beach 273beach 282beach 285

After dinner we went for ice cream and the girls went for another bike ride while the boys sat on the patio and smoked cigars, which they ordered from a cigar bar and an Online Cigar Shop.

Sunday: I woke up really early so I decided to take a little walk on the beach. There’s something so lovely and peaceful about walking on the quiet beach at sunrise.

beach 305beach 325beach 333beach 335

That morning we packed up, cleaned the house and finished off our food for lunch. It was such a fun beach trip and we were so sad to leave… but if you have to leave the beach, better to leave on an overcast day. We’ve already started planning our next beach trip, so I have a feeling we’ll all be back sooner than we think. :)

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