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Happy Wednesday y’all! Today I’d like to talk about routine and creating an ideal day. I am borrowing this post idea by Nancy Ray, one of my friends from college and an amazing photographer that lives in Raleigh. She recently posted on her blog what her ideal day would look like — not a day on vacation or in a perfect world, but an ideal work day in your busy life.

I love this exercise because it looks at where you are — whether you’re a student, full-time employee, freelancer or stay-at-home parent — and allows you to make the most of what your typical day holds. What would your life look like if you lived every day like your ideal one?

My ideal day…

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6 am: Wake up (no snoozing!) and work out – go for a run, bike ride (visit sites like https://www.aventon.com/pages/electric-bike-shop-dealer-locator if you’re looking to buy one), or yoga in my living room

6:45: Take a shower

7 am: Make coffee and read my Bible on my balcony and then pray for my day, my husband, my family/friends, the world

7:45: Dry hair, get ready for the day

8:15: Check personal email, make sure to grab any breakfast or lunch items and place any recipes or dry ingredients for the evening’s meal on the counter (based on my weekly meal plan)

8:30: Leave for work

9 am: Arrive at work and eat a healthy breakfast

9 – 12: Work!

12:00: Go for a 30-minute walk outside and make any personal phone calls

12:30: Eat lunch and read a book or work on tomorrow’s blog post

1- 3:30: Work!

3:00: Take a 15 minute break and eat a healthy snack and take a quick walk around the office or outside

3:15 –  5:30: Work!

5:45-6:00: Close out email and make sure desk is clean; call friends and family on my way home from work

6:30: Arrive home and start making dinner (which was scheduled in my weekly meal plan)

7:00 – Eat dinner and then spend the evening with J (washing dishes, reading, taking a walk, going for a bike ride, crafting while we watch TV, blog)

9:30: Finish writing any personal emails, make our lunch and pick out what to wear for tomorrow

10:00: Get in bed and read

Voila! That’s my ideal “work” day. And the best part is that it is completely attainable — something that I can easily strive for each day I wake up. :)

What would your ideal day look like? Do you have a desk job or can you be more flexible with your work schedule?

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