June Goals

I love June. Love it. It’s the sunniest, happiest month. It’s the launch of barbecues, homemade ice cream, and air that smells of hydrangeas and sunscreen. This month I am traveling to Virginia for a girl’s weekend, attending my family’s 2nd Annual Mardo Staycation, and celebrating some special birthdays. In addition to lots of fun-having, I hope to be very productive at home and get back into a fitness routine after being sick for a few weeks.

June Goals:

  • Meet my new little “niece” Reagan! (Sidenote: I think there needs to be a title for your friends’ children and vice-versa. It’s going to be confusing for her later when she finds out her “Aunt Ginna” is not really her biological aunt.)
  • Go on at least one hour-long bike ride
  • Cook 3 new recipes
  • Read two books, Game of Thrones and The Excellent Wife
  • Organize my kitchen cabinets
  • Make a summer wreath
  • Stay within budget — for reals!
  • Run 10 miles a week
  • Participate in the June Photo a Day via Instagram:

In case you’re interested, here’s how I fared on my May Goals:

  • Have a great time at the beach
  • See Wicked at the DPAC!
  • Read one book // Half-way done with Game of Thrones, which could probably be a whole book in itself — it’s so long!
  • Stay within budget, no exceptions! // We were over budget by $85. Womp Womp.
  • Meal plan every week
  • Cook 3 new recipes
  • Make at least one craft and share on the blog // Coming soon….
  • Buy J’s birthday present

What are your goals this month? Leave a comment with a link to your goals. I’d love to read!

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  • You almost did everything last month. That’s awesome! I can’t believe it’s June. Half way through the year! OMG!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • For me it’s Winter so June is the time when I start to feel cooler mornings, start eating comfort foods and enjoy the smell of wood fires burning. Summers in Queensland can be so extreme that this drop in temperature is very welcome…..

  • June is a great month…exciting time to spend time with family and friends!! Enjoy your weekend trips!!

  • I totally agree that there needs to be a title that we can be called by our friends kids. I grew up calling my parents friends aunt or zia (aunt in italian) as a show of respect, but my friends kids just call me Erica. lol