Wellness Wednesday :: What is your favorite sport to play?

I have never been an athletic girl. I am not coordinated, have very little balance, and exercise does not come naturally to me. But that didn’t stop me growing up when I swam on the swim team every summer from 2nd to 7th grade. Or played soccer every fall in elementary school. Or when I was the best bench-warmer on the soft-ball league, basketball team, and volleyball team in middle and high school. (Looking back, I probably should have just joined the cross-country team… obviously team sports are not my forte! But, at least I had some gumption, eh?)

All that to say, I may have the desire to be an athlete, I am just not.

One of the summer goals with Dupree living with us is to help him lose weight, and he’s already lost over 20 pounds in his month here. That’s right, you read that correctly — over 20 pounds in one month. (Isn’t so unfair how boys can lose weight 10x faster than girls?) But I am so proud of him! He has a few more pounds he wants to lose and is certainly on his way to reach his goal weight by the end of the summer.

This past Saturday he mentioned he was getting bored of running, so I suggested we play tennis in our apartment tennis court, since we had rackets and balls from J’s parents that we’ve never used. I warned him that I would be really, really bad tennis partner (you know, due to the track record of being terrible in every sport), but we both decided to give it a try.

We got out there and started volleying a few balls. I wasn’t too bad! Now, I definitely wasn’t great by any means and certainly need to work on my back hand, but I was surprised at how easy and fun the sport was. We got into a grove and all of a sudden 45 minutes had gone by. Sunday I woke up and my arms were sorer then they’ve been in a long time, since the poor muscles hadn’t been used since I was on the volleyball team my junior year. But we had so much fun the day before we decided to go back out and play another match. (And then we promptly came home and watched the French Open with J to get some pointers from Nadal and Djokovitch.:)

I don’t know why I haven’t given tennis a chance yet — I loved it! Being out there reminded me how much I enjoy sports. Time goes by so much faster than say, if you’re just running in place on a treadmill (ugh, aren’t cardio machines the worst?) and we even saw some improvement in the first few matches we played. I am so excited to see how much we improve by the end of the summer. Perhaps after 26 years, I have finally found my sport and I’m looking to try out more such as Pickleball and pick up a Pickleball Paddle in the future. If you are still looking for yours, try golf and get the best putters 2022 to improve your game.

So, I’m curious: what about you? What is your favorite sport to play? Have you ever joined an adult sports league? Do you prefer alone or group exercise? And if you’re a soccer fan, check out Football Ticket Pad for affordable tickets.

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  • I wasn’t an athlete either as a kid, but I found as I got older I turned into one and love it. My sport right now is beach volleyball. I became obsessed with it about 4 1/2 years ago. I even earned a rating in the sport. But I do also love solo sports too. I’ve become more of a runner, and I love the strength workout and mental relaxation of yoga. Keep exploring!

  • I was what I like to call a “sampler athlete”. I sampled the sports/games I wanted to do, played them til I got bored and moved on to something else. Now that I’ve gotten to a point where I feel competent with most of them, I’ve decided to get better at running. That all said, the one I return to most is swimming.

  • I think I am allergic to sports or exercise of any kind! LOL I did play golf once and really enjoyed it but haven’t done it since. I do enjoy bowling. Is that a sport?!!!

  • Volleyball, definitely volleyball. Or basketball, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee, soccer, netball, really any team sport- I really like playing with a team, and demonstrating my competitiveness in a group. The competitiveness is not always healthy, this is true, but it’s something God put in me to be used for good. And for team sports!