The Third Wheel Reality Show

A familiar scene in our apartment… the boys watching sports and me reading a magazine

It’s been over a month since Dupree moved in with us and things are going well. One evening we all joked that our life this summer would make a great reality TV show. After throwing around a few title options we landed on “The Third Wheel” and here’s a few scenes you could expect to see this season:

-The time J and Dupree played lazer tag one on one.

-Weekly tennis matches and the time Dupree and I almost passed out after going for a run in the 95-degree heat.

-The time Dupree thought the disposal was the light switch and a beer bottle was in the sink and broke the disposal.

-The time Dupree slipped in the shower, broke the soap dish on the wall, and had a deep cut in his back that needed 40 stitches. (Ratings would have soared that episode.)

-The time we came home from work to find that Dupree had eaten an entire bag of oreos in one sitting. Consequently, J started hiding sweets in his bedside table.

-The time I cut Dupree’s hair. (Thankfully it turned out okay!)

-There would be a guest appearance with the spider that made its home on our balcony. I have refused to kill it in an effort to get over my fear of spiders and then one day it disappeared. We’ve all been a little on edge ever since.

-Weekly dinner with friends, birthday parties, great worship at church, and hanging out in the living room watching lots of NBA basketball, Braves baseball, Euro Cup, and Sportscenter.

It’s never a dull moment with Dupree but we are thankful to have this opportunity and have already seen God work in the first month he’s been with us. (We’re also pretty thankful that we rent and don’t own our home.;)

Here’s to the next month and a half!

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