August Goals

July seemed to drag for me. Of course time in general is flying, but when you’re in the dead center of summer, the hot humid days just linger into one another. Or maybe that’s just because in July I saw so many photos and posts of fun adventures people were taking and I was stuck at work day after day. That’s probably it. :)

I’m excited about August. I am taking a week off between jobs (yay!) and really want to be productive with that time off. I’m hosting a wedding shower for one of my good friends and can’t wait to see the decorations and food come together. I’m starting a new job and eager to get my new routine going. Our small group should resume this month and I have seriously missed the weekly fellowship I get from those friends. See? It’s going to be a better month. :)

Here are some of my goals this month. Some lofty, some realistic, all attainable.

August Goals:

  • Start my new job!
  • Clean out my inbox and answer email timely
  • Read at least 1 book
  • Eat almost all of the food in our freezer
  • Refinish my coffee table
  • Clean out the guestroom after Dupree leaves
  • Go on a day date with J
  • Run 25 miles over the course of the month
  • Start to pack up the apartment and donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill

A recap of my July Goals:

  • Make a summer wreath // I ordered felt from Etsy and it has yet to get here! Grrrr…
  • Make homemade ice cream // I had was going to make peach ice cream but decided to make peach pie instead. Maybe August!
  • Reach $10K in our Emergency Fund
  • Put together a plan for a blog redesign
  • Clean out closet and donate clothes to Goodwill
  • Put together a list for clothing items I need to buy
  • Make 2 new recipes
  • Finish reading Game of Thrones // It’s not the page-turner that I thought it was — I’ve been reading it since Memorial Day!
  • Watch Downton Abbey Season 2
  • Decide if we need to move and next steps

What are your goals this month? Leave a comment with a link to your goals. :)

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  • There is a season 2 of Downton Abby… I can not wait for it to upload to Netflix.. Congrats on completing so many goals in July. Maybe it would be a good idea for myself to create monthly goals.