My Week Off, Part 2

I feel like I was just sitting down to write my Week Off, Part 1 post! Here is the second part of my week off where I traveled south to take advantage of my time off and visit some friends. (These photos are from Instagram, so I apologize if you’ve already seen most of them!)

First stop: Greensboro to have lunch with my mom. We ate at Lindley Park, a cute little restaurant on Walker Ave. We had a great time talking about my apartment projects, roofing talks such as roof repair in Weatherford, TX with the help of the Carolina Home Specialists, and her kitchen renovations. I cannot wait to see their house in two weekends! It’s gone through a huge transformation in the past month (you can follow her progress on her blog).

Next stop: Charlotte, NC to visit my sister Carrie. We spent Thursday afternoon running a few errands (including looking at an adorable bungalow home they put an offer on!) and then came home and made dinner together. We watched the Olympics, browsed through cookbooks (a favorite pastime when we’re together) and toasted to both of our new jobs! Friday morning we got up early and ran 3 miles through Myers Park. The run went by very fast because I was too busy eying down the beautiful homes in the neighborhood. Then we came home, ate breakfast, and ran a few more errands around town before I left. It was so fun to spend quality time with her! We usually only see each other for family gatherings or parties, and it was a blast going through everyday routine with her again.

Final stop: Atlanta, Georgia to visit my friend Allison for the weekend. We’ve known each other forever and roomed together in college and in DC so it’s always nice to get together and pretend that we are roommates again. I got there Friday evening and we went to the mall “quickly to return something” and left two hours later with bags in tow. The next day we got up early and drank coffee together, then hit the farmer’s market and the trail for a 4-mile run. We spent the remainder of the day making decorations for a shower we are hosting in a few weeks and watching movies, including the favorite quotable Steel Magnolias. That evening we took a break to eat a delicious dinner (she’s a fabulous cook!) and then back to our crafts and movies. It really did feel like we lived together again! I wish we were neighbors so all of our Saturdays could look like that.

It was such a great few days visiting with friends and I’m sad my week off is over already. But every time I travel or take time off of work, I’m always so happy to be home again and welcome a routine with open arms.

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