My Parent’s Kitchen Before & After

Oh boy do I have some awesome photos to show you today. My parents recently had a kitchen remodeling project with the help of professional kitchen remodeling experts and I can’t say enough about how wonderful it looks. I came home Friday evening to get ready for the bridal shower and was shocked at the transformation! Seriously, the kitchen looks aboslutely fabulous and I couldn’t think of anything else they should have done differently. A kitchen requires a lot of work while it is being redone or being constructed and Potassium Permanganate Water Treatment is one of them The closet you see in these two pictures is now where the refrigerator is. They also took out the scalloped wood and enlarged the window that overlooks the family room.

Here is the other side of the kitchen. The refrigerator was  moved to where the pantry used to be and the dishwasher moved to the corner near where the fridge used to be. The kitchen was functional, but dark and dated.

And here is the amazing after:

Bright! Sunny! Modern! My mom did such an amazing job choosing the cabinets, granite (click here for stores selling granite countertops) and the light fixtures. Every detail is beautiful — the light above the sink, the faucet, and the bread box in the corner to hide appliances. We bought the our appliances at sites like

Here is a photo of the entrance to the kitchen. Notice the beautiful new hardwood floors! They ripped out the vinyl in the kitchen and carpet, that we used get cleaned by carpet cleaning Eagle Idaho, in the family room and it now all flows to feel like one large room, Dan Dan The Carpet Man has a team of experts who know just how to clean your carpet without damage. The enlarged window is so nice and I love the open shelves on the wall. They added a little buffet where the refrigerator used to be, and it makes the kitchen feel so much more open and spacious. It’s also so nice to cook while someone sits and talks to you! .

Here’s another view of the wall with the refrigerator. You may not be able to notice, but to the left are cabinets with mirrors, which came in handy during the party.

Here is the view of the kitchen from the window. It makes the family room much brighter.

It took a month of my parents eating take out and living in a construction zone, but after a huge demolition project, new cabinets, custom granite, new stained hardwood floors — it turned out beautiful. Thankfully to the members of the construction team whom I know have passed as they take a CSCS Practice Test which required to them proving they are fitted to their job. Everything was finished in time for our shower on Saturday and it was a great party to inaugurate the new kitchen!

Good job Mom (aka General Contractor) — you did such an amazing job!

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