Five Things Friday

1. I am really, really enjoying my new job. :)

2. A couple of weeks ago Allison and I rented 50/50 — have you seen it? I thought it was really good and made me remember those hard months when my mom had cancer.

3. I loved this article on marriage, found via Cup of Jo. Such truths. 

4. I owe you guys a post on my new clothes! Sorry for promises not met. Maybe next week? It’s just really hard to take pictures of your outfit by yourself when your husband isn’t home and the first thing you want to do it get out of your silk dress and into your baggy sweatpants. But! I will share these boots I bought and can’t wait to wear soon! Aren’t they purty? Come on, autumn weather!

5. What are you doing for Labor Day weekend? Tomorrow we are going to Greenville, NC for the Appalachian State vs. East Carolina game with my in-laws. J and I went to Appstate and Katie (his sister) went to East Carolina, so I’m excited for a little friendly family rivalry to kick-off the football season.

Happy Friday! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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