September Goals

Happy September everyone! Some people think that September is still a part of summer, but I like to think of it as the beginning month of fall, my all-time favorite season. Let the pumpkin spice lattes, football season and crisp weather ensure! It’s also my birthday month and on the morning of September 1st I had about 7 emails with birthday specials in my inbox. A great start to a great month. :)

Here are my September Goals:

  • Declutter!
  • Pack!
  • Move!
  • Celebrate my 27th birthday with cake!
  • Run 50 miles over the course of the month
  • Finish 1 book
  • Participate in Naptime Diaries’ mentoring program (I’m so excited!)
  • Cook 2 new recipes

I was able to accomplish all of my August Goals:

  • Start my new job!
  • Clean out my inbox and answer email timely
  • Read at least 1 book
  • Eat almost all of the food in our freezer
  • Refinish my coffee table
  • Clean out the guestroom after Dupree leaves
  • Go on a day date with J
  • Run 25 miles over the course of the month… and then some! I ran 45 miles in August!
  • Start to pack up the apartment and donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill

Do you consider September fall or summer? What are some of your goals this month? 

PS – My goals for September 2011 and 2010

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  • Great goals, Ginna! I can’t believe that you ran 45 miles! Holy cow girl! The Sepetmeber goals seem super attainable — try Pinterest for those new recipes. It’s my go-to site.

  • Haha, I know! I can’t believe that either! I checked my Adidas online tracking and was shocked when I saw 45 miles. And I may look at your Recipe board on Pinterest for some good ones. :)