My Labor Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday! It’s so nice to start the workweek on a Tuesday, isn’t it? I think all Mondays should be holidays. :)

I had such a great Labor Day weekend. We started off our long weekend by spending the night at my in-laws Friday evening preparing tailgating food and eating Chinese take out. Saturday morning we all piled in the car and drove to Greenville, NC to see the Appstate vs. East Carolina game.

We tailgated in the morning and then went to the game at noon. And y’all, it was HOT. I mean really hot. That scarf you see in the picture above? It was off within a minute of stepping outside.

Here’s a photo at the beginning of the game — more than half the crowd left by the end of it though since everyone was scorching hot. We learned ┬álater over 200 people had passed out from heat exhaustion or dehydration throughout the game. Yikes!┬áSadly Appalachian lost, but it was still so fun to see them play and a great family rivalry.

That evening J and I decided to act like kids and move our guestroom mattress into our living room, since we’re about to move anyway. We picked up some Chickfila wraps on our way home and watched Parks and Rec on Netflix all evening.

On Sunday we went to church, then tackled our apartment with gusto. We packed, cleaned, packed, donated stuff, packed, took out the trash, then packed some more. By the end of Monday, here’s what our guestroom looked like:

The rest of the apartment looks like a warzone and I can’t believe all that we managed to get done these past few days. In between the packing, we took naps, read books, and I ran 6 miles for my marathon training. It was the perfect balance of fun, relaxation and very productive. :)

What did you do this weekend?

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