Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

How am I already done with 6 weeks of marathon training? Oy! This is really flying by. This month is really busy with football games, moving, out of town trips, but I’m still trying to squeeze in that long run when I can and so far it’s been working out.

The highlight of these two weeks: I got new running shoes! I know this is absolutely awful, but I had still been using the old running shoes from when I trained for the Baltimore Half Marathon almost two years ago. Here are my new kicks. I got a pair of Brooks Ravenna and so far, so good. I had a Living Social deal at a running store, so I spent a total of $75 on them ($25 off).

Week 5: Aug 27 – Sept 2

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 3 miles, before work
  • Wednesday: 3 miles, after work
  • Thursday: Yoga Video, 40 minutes
  • Friday: 4 miles — Terrible, awful run! I meant to run my 6 miles for the week, but it was too blazing hot! It was discouraging and I ended up walking most of the time.
  • Saturday: Rest, I went to the ECU / ASU game
  • Sunday: Strength training, 20 minutes

Total Miles: 10.16
Average Pace: 12:12 (slightly skewed by my terrible 4-miler)
Calories Burned: 1,015

Week 6: Sept 3 – Sept 9

  • Monday (Labor Day): 6 miles — Very humid but much better than my 4 mile attempt on Friday
  • Tuesday:  2.5 miles, after work
  • Wednesday: Yoga Video, 20 minutes
  • Thursday: 3.3 miles, before work
  • Friday: Rest – Although I did a lot of stair-climbing packing my car with boxes
  • Saturday: Moving Day! Lifted boxes, walked up/down stairs — for the first time since training, I was sore the next day (from moving, mind you, not running. go figure!)
  • Sunday: 7 miles — Ah-mah-zing! It was the best run I’ve had so far, and I have the weather to credit for that one. I got up early and ran in the 65-degree weather and it was fabulous!

Total Miles: 18.8
Average Pace: 10:50
Calories Burned: 1,900

On my seven mile run this past weekend I came across this little guy:

PS – Original post with my marathon training schedule.

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