Five Things Friday

1. The weather this week has been perfect — chilly in the mornings, sunny in the afternoons, and crisp all day. I can’t get enough of it. I hope to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend before it changes on us again.

2. Do you read Ashley Ann’s blog? If not, you should. I want to be like her when I grow up. (Except I’m not sure if I’m made with that kind of strength to raise five kids!) They just adopted a little girl and I have been that girl crying on my lunch break reading about their journey to and from China. So, so happy for their family!

3. I liked this article on the best ways to start and end your day. My favorite was #4: “Do the thing you dread” (which for me also happens to be #3: “Exercise”)

4. Sad news: the camera on my phone broke. :( Happy news: this morning J and I ordered the new iPhone 5. :)

5. Here’s a verse to end your week on:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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