Twenty Seven

Saturday I turned 27. Gosh, doesn’t that sound so much older than 26? I’ve officially entered the “late 20s” group but if the first day is any indication of how the rest of the year will go, then this is bound to be my best year yet.

It was one of those sweet September days. I slept in (you know, because I’m old now and 7:30 is late), and J surprised me with presents I didn’t know I was getting (the new iPhone was supposed to be my gift!). I walked to meet some friends for coffee and we sat outside and talked about husbands and babies and Jesus. It was lovely. I came home and watched a few episodes of Happy Endings, and then J and I went for a 30-minute bike ride in our neighborhood. It was delightful. Then we walked to Panera for lunch and I got my first baked potato soup of the year. Yum. Then I read a little bit on my patio and we went to church. We went out for Italian later and I ate as many decadent carbs as possible. Then I took a long bubble bath, ate a cupcake a friend made me and fell asleep watching more Happy Endings. It was a quiet, simple and perfect day.

Everyone always asks me what I got for my birthday, so here’s a little collage of the generous gifts I got:

1. purse from J  / 2. wine rack from in-laws / 3. book from lucy / 4. oreos from J
5. pre-ordered book from carrie/andrew / 6. rug from my parents / 7. bubble bath from J / 8. seasons 1 and 2 from J
not pictured: sweet phone calls, cards, texts, tweets and facebook posts from friends :)

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