Marathon Training: Week 7 | Running in the Rain

I was scheduled to run 8 miles this past weekend but really didn’t want to do it on my birthday since I was meeting some friends for breakfast. Plus Sunday was supposed to be cloudy and cooler and I had nothing planned.

But come Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering outside. Normally a welcome sound to begin a lazy Sunday, except if you have to run before your lazy Sunday. I leaned over to check the hourly forecast for the day on my phone only to find it wouldn’t let up until 7pm that evening. Bummer. I went through the options in my head, as I sunk deeper into my warm, cozy covers:
a) run on the treadmill, a machine that bores me after ten minutes
b) wait until that evening and run when it was nicer
c) suck it up and get it over with

I chose option c.

I put on my old running shoes and the best duo-dry clothes I could find and hit the pavement. At first it was hard not having my music or podcast going, but soon I forgot about it and just kept going. There were times the rain stopped and other times it picked up harder, but overall it was actually wasn’t too bad! I would gladly take 50-degree rain over 90-degree humidity any day.

J was so proud of me, he took a picture :)

Week 7 Recap:

  • Monday: Rest day, since I ran Sunday
  • Tuesday: 3.3 miles, after work
  • Wednesday: Yoga and weights, 20 minutes
  • Thursday: 3 miles, before work
  • Friday: Rest – no time to exercise since we were hosting a party
  • Saturday: Bike ride, 30 minutes
  • Sunday: 8.5 miles in the rain
Total Miles: 14.8
Average Pace: 10:50 (not exactly sure, since I didn’t have my phone with me on my long run)
Calories Burned: 1,500
7 weeks down, 18 to go!
PS – Check out my marathon training schedule and weeks 5 & 6┬árecap

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  • Yay! You sucked it up and I am sure felt so good about it when you came through that door, sopping wet with 8.5 miles behind you! :) Way to go!