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Alt title: How Many TV Shows is Too Many TV Shows??

After a long, long summer — it’s finally time. That wonderful time of the year when we get to reunite with all of our favorite character and speculate on how their lives will turn out. Will Robin and Barney end up together? Do Leslie and Ben stand the test of a long distance relationship? What is Gloria going to look like pregnant? Will Jane catch Red John this season? And when in the world are Olivia, Peter and Walter?

I’m ready to find out.

Not to go all nerd on you, but J and I really love watching TV. I’m just being honest here. We love our TV routine, too: sweatpants, delicious dinner, cozy blanket, and an evening with our fictional pals. It’s not a passive activity for us either — we talk about the characters, strategize about the plot, admire good cinematography and appreciate clever dialogue. We quote TV lines at each other in our every day life and even have picked up on TV inside jokes (i.e., anyone remember the “major”  bit that Robin and Ted would do in HIMYM circa season 3? We do that any time either of us says major. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.) Judge us if you like, but it is our favorite way to unwind and relax after a long day.

Sidenote — I promise we don’t watch TV for hours every evening, although that’s what it may look like with our list below. We don’t have a DVR box, but my brilliant husband is somehow able to record TV shows legally from our computer hooked up to our TV. We try not to let TV revolve around our lives, so we usually have piled up shows in our queue to watch for a rainy day or quiet evening in.

So here are the TV shows that J and I will be watching this fall!*

Comedies We Love:

  • How I Met Your Mother (slightly disappointed with Monday night’s premiere, anyone else?)
  • Modern Family
  • Parks & Recreation (my favorite show at the moment)
  • The Office (meh – but it’s the last season)
  • 30 Rock
  • Up All Night
  • Happy Endings
  • New Girl
  • Community (under-appreciated show in my opinion)
  • Big Bang Theory

Dramas We Love:

  • The Mentalist
  • Parenthood (I cry every single episode)
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Revenge (we call this our primetime soap opera)
  • Fringe (this one’s also under-appreciated)

Network Shows We Love (that may not be airing right now):

  • Downton Abbey
  • Mad Men
  • BBC Sherlock Holmes (has anyone watched this? it’s on Netflix and is very well done! Bravo, BBC.)

New Shows We’ll Try: 

  • Go On
  • Guys with Kids
  • The Mindy Project
  • Revolution
  • … what else is supposed to be good this year?

Alright – now that I’ve shared my deep dark love for TV, ‘fess up: What are you watching this Fall? Do you watch any of the shows listed above? Which new shows are you going to watch this new season? 

*PS – J watches a few others I can’t stomach, like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, CSI, etc. My imagination is too great for anything slightly disturbing, so I usually stick to the comedies. :) 

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  • That’s a lot of shows!

    I’m more of a drama person. Our shows are Mad Men, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Bones, Downton Abbey, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and we’ll probably watch the Office. I guess that is a lot too, but most aren’t on right now. If they are on cable, we’ll wait for the show to come out on DVD or itunes & buy them. If they are network shows, we’ll watch on hulu or the network websites.

    We just started season 1 of homeland after it won the emmys. So far, I like it!

  • ha! I always think the “Major” joke in my head, because my husband doesn’t watch HIMYM, so it would be lost on him…
    We love The Office, but of course the past couple of seasons have been disappointing, we still watch the old ones on Netflix.
    We also really like White Collar, got hooked on it watching it on Netflix and now so disappointed when we don’t have new episodes to watch.
    We tried watching “Breaking Bad” because my husband used to be a chemist and thought the concept was interesting, but it was too rough for us!
    And of course Downton Abbey!

  • Did you watch Revolution yet? We couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes (I might try to watch the rest while David is at work one evening this week).

    Also, we enjoyed Go On. But Matthew Perry is always a hit in my book.

    And yes, all these shows plus like 20 more.

  • The Mob Doctor was good. Vegas was too. Nashville might be good. Mid-season shows are going to be good too. Red Widow and The Following, i have high hopes for those two! You don’t watch The Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy? New Girl was hilarious!

  • Hmm maybe I’ll try out a few of those new shows! ANd no, Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy are too scary/distrubing for me. I think J watches both of them though! He’s tried to get me into it, but I’ve just got way too many others on my plate!

  • Yeah, we did watch Revolution. I am not impressed so far… reminds me of… what’s that show with Luke and the guy in Parenthood with the awful facial hair? We used to watch it when we both were engaged (aw, fun times). Oh that’s going to bug me…

  • The Event. Yeah, seems like almost the same thing just 15 years later? Also, David was super concerned that (based on all the bad pilots we’ve seen lately) the LOST pilot wouldn’t hold up. I told him that was nonsense. The LOST pilot was great. Why aren’t all pilots that awesome? Especially the ones JJ is involved in?!

  • I’m lame & don’t watch much TV. Mostly because I have an hour between when the kids go to bed & I go to bed, so I’m usually catching up on work or trying to squeeze in a quick pilates DVD. If I do watch TV, I like the crime shows – NCIS, NCIS LA, Cover Affairs, Hawaii 5.0, etc.