Five Things Friday

1. Who’s birthday is next? Here’s a birthday card for you. It’s the cutest!

2. I am looking forward to seeing what Elise and Emma end up doing with their enlarged photos. Those two sisters are so crafty it makes me tired.

3. This autumn weather is making me crave soup. I want to try this recipe soon, recommended by my friend Allison. What soup recipes have you tried recently that were a hit?

4. Did I mention that I am leaving after work today for a week at the beach with my family? I cannot wait! It is the first week-long vacation that J and I have taken since our honeymoon! And our first ever family vacation where J and my brother-in-law are coming. We are nerds and started a hashtag for the trip.

5. A verse to end your week. I was reading Philemon the other day and never noticed this verse before. I would have loved to receive this letter from Paul back in the day.

Also, I am going to be starting a new series that is going to last the entire month of October (eeps!), so stop by on Monday for more details. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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