Day 5: Financial Success Stories: Interview with Newlyweds on a Budget

Happy Friday y’all! Each Friday in the month of October I will be sharing four financial success stories from bloggers on how they manage their finances and work their way out of debt. This week I have a little Q&A with Erika, the writer behind the blog Newlyweds on a Budget — enjoy!

Where do you call home?
We live in southern California, in a suburb south of Los Angeles, called Orange County. You may remember it as “The OC”?

When did you first get interested in your finances?
I’ve always been pretty good with finances, since I had my first credit card at 14, but I didn’t start keeping a budget until after I graduated college and had payday loans to keep track of. I even color coordinated my budget! (G: Ha! I do that too!)

What would you say is the biggest spending temptation for you?
Traveling. By FAR. I LOVE to travel, and get antsy if we don’t have at least  one big vacation planned for the year (I consider big vacations, a vacation where you have to take a plane). I justify traveling even though we still have student loan debt by working my side hustle and saving money that way.

If someone gave you $100 to spend, what would you buy?
We are desperately trying to replace the old free dresser in our living room that we use as a media center.

What would you say is your biggest success / accomplishment in your finances?
In the 2.5 years we’ve been married, we’ve paid off 50% of our debt, or about $20,000. And this is despite the struggles we’ve faced, such as living on one income for months, having my husband work part-time for three months, and an emergency room visit which left my husband unable to work for five weeks. We currently only have student loans left and that really makes me happy! Wealth advisors can help you monitor your financial situation and make changes when necessary.

And just for kicks, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road

Thanks so much for sharing! Where can we find more info on your budget?
My blog is Newlyweds on a Budget. We may not be newlyweds anymore, but we’re still on a budget!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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