Day 11: Spending Temptations

There’s always one area of your life that tempts you to cheat on your budget and it’s different for us all. Below are a few categories that people tend to be the most tempted by. (OK, maybe they skew a little on the girl-side. What else do boys like to spend money on? Comment please if there is a category I am missing!).

What area of your budget do you tend to over spend?

Take this poll and see what others are tempted by… (if you are viewing through an RSS reader, you will need to click through to the website to view the poll)

[poll id=”4″]

For me — it changes on the season. Right now I am tempted by cozy and cute autumn clothes, shoes and accessories out there right now! For J — it rarely changes and is almost always Electronics. :)

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This is day 11 of a 31 day series on Financial Freedom. Click here to see all of the other posts. Thanks for reading!

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  • We live in Europe right now, only for about 6 months more, so we’ve been traveling a LOT! Three trips this month alone! But it’s a lot cheaper to travel over here while we live here versus coming back over from the States so we’re trying to take advantage of it!

  • Where do hobbies or crafts fall in, Entertainment or Home Decor? Great survey, interesting to see.

  • Oooh jealous! I have always thought how fun it would be to live in Europe for a season of time and travel so easily. Enjoy it before you head back to the states!

  • Definitely eating out, since my husband loves to eat out even more than I do and is always gung-ho when I suggest we go out! This is also one of his ways of being sweet, since he can’t cook and doesn’t want me to feel like I have to every single night. Craft supplies are another big drain for me.