Day 30: Fitting Giving Into Your Budget

We have been blessed to live in a country where it’s normal to have a $150 phone and cars that are worth $20,000. Compared to the rest of the world, we have been showered with riches and blessings.

I think everyone should a portion of their budget to give away each month.

I like to call it Character Insurance. Giving your money away keeps you from turning into a greedy, selfish hoarder. Instead it allows you to look at the world and see a need, and then fill it with your money or your time. There’s something so rewarding about knowing you are able to create change and give hope to people who otherwise may not have it.

The amount of money you should give from your budget is up to you. Some people start with 10%, but if that’s too high for you, try 5% for a month and see how it goes. I don’t think it’s the amount that’s important, but getting into the habit of thinking of setting aside a portion each month is good.

As for where to give, find an organization or cause that you are passionate about. Or just give it to a friend or family member that needs it! When you start to look around for who needs money, I guarantee you it won’t take long to find someone who would be blessed by your generosity. Personally I give the majority of my monthly giving to my local church because I think that is God’s instrument for building up my faith and bringing others to Himself. And I also trust it. I know that when I give, they are going to manage it properly and use it for God’s kingdom. But there are a few other organizations and missionaries I support because likewise I believe in their mission and want to help.

Here are a few categories you can start with:

  • Animals
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Environemnt
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • International
  • Public Benefit
  • Religion

For most of us, our excuse is that we can’t afford to give. There’s always something that we need to pay for. I would ask that you test that. Try to give next month, in faith, and see if you’re able to make ends meet. For some of us, we could definitely make ends meet, but it would be cramping into our luxurious lifestyle. Ooooh. That’s where it gets uncomfortable, for myself included. But maybe that is a good thing? To give up, not necessarily our money, but also our wants and desires for someone else’s gain? That is love. And if we give sacrificially, I think we’ll end up gaining back more blessings that we may realize.

This is day 30 of a 31-day series on Financial Freedom. Click here to see the page with all of the posts listed. Thanks for reading!

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  • What a great post! I always write a check for the money I’m going to give FIRST, before I pay my bills. I always have more than enough money for my bills and even for some “wants.” By giving first, I’m not tempted to spend the money on a new pair shoes or something like that!