Introducing the New and Improved My Pretty Pennies!

Announcement! Announcement!

My Pretty Pennies has a new look!

Here’s what the old site looked like. A little blah. A little wintery. A little dated.

And now! The site is so fresh and so clean clean! (If you’re reading this on an RSS feed, you may want to click through to see the site in all its glory.)

But to give you a little summary of the changes… we have a new logo,  cool chevron background, a new and better wordpress theme, and cool little social media bars where you can find me. I’m also working on a few new pages that should be live in a couple of weeks.


I’m still trying to configure a few kinks (so bear with me!) but just had to share this new design with you guys today! Special thanks to Jessi and Nicole for their help. xo

What do you think?

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