Decorating with Globes

This past Saturday my mom and sister came to town for a little antique shopping. (Well, they really came to meet my new little pup, but after a few hours of sloppy kisses and belly rubs, we decided to venture out and see if we could find any antique treasures.)

I was walking through the cute little shops, admiring all of the old nick-nacks when I came across a globe that we used to have growing up. You remember these globes, right?

The sticker on the globe read:

“Vintage 1990s Globe — $50”

First of all — 1990s is now vintage? When did that happen?! Secondly — I couldn’t believe they were asking $50 for something we donated a few years ago. Who knew?

My natural instinct is to decorate with older globes. You know, the weathered, worn out type, with out-of-date maps that still say Prussia or something cool like that. But it seems decorating with the bright ones are pretty popular now. Maybe we should have kept our old swirly friend, because there are some really cool ways to decorate with them.

Here are a few ideas I stumbled upon via Pinterest:

 Globes above open bookcases.

Globes on lockers–beautifully contrasted with red.

A cheeky kitchen with globes above the cabinets.

An office with globes in shelves on the wall.

Obviously, a children’s room or playroom would be a great spot for globes.

 Globes in a family room above open shelves.

Globes as a lamp.

You could even write on the globe and use it as a piece of art in your house.

Wow, lots of ideas. I like the playful, fun look that they bring to a room. Perhaps I’ll have to get one, although surely Goodwill has them cheaper than $50…

Do you ever decorate with globes in your house? Did you have one of those bright globes growing up? 

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  • I’ve always loved the look of globes and maps. I have a few framed maps in our dining room and love them! I’d love to add some globes to our collection, but not at that price, ha!

  • I like this post! and I just wanted to say, as a reader who never comments– re: your post about blogging frustrations– we come to see your inspirations and because you are so relatable, that is what makes you inspiring! I can see how you persist with your blog in spite of the frustrations, so I know I can keep going with mine :)