Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! Five things to end your week:

1. Do you follow Posie Gets Cozy? If you do, you’ll know the wonderful surprise she announced a few weeks ago. I’m still elated and happy for Alicia as if she was my best friend. Isn’t that wonderful how the Internet connects people like that?

2. We started puppy training last week and I’ve come to realize it should really be called Owner Training. Dogs can really do anything you teach them, you just have to teach them. What are some tricks your pup can do? We are currently trying to teach Leia to ring a bell by the door every time she needs to go out. Wouldn’t that be genius?

3. Who can believe Thanksgiving is next week? Not me. Every time I stop to think about how this year is rapidly coming to a close, I get a little panicky. Like, how did this happen? How is it November? How am I already twenty-SEVEN? But back to Thanksgiving… there are some really cute Thanksgiving printables out there! My favorite may be this collection from TomKat.

4. Did you hear that Pinterest recently opened up three secret boards? I have started one for gift ideas, blogging resources, and I can’t figure out what to do for my third. What are you planning to use your secret boards for?

5. What are you up to this weekend? I am heading to Charlotte to run in the Color Run tomorrow morning! I am pretty excited to see some old friends and hang out with my sisters. I hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!

PS – Thanks again for all of the comments and kind words from last week’s post. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. I am hoping to have the theme up and running soon! xo

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  • We start puppy training for our french bulldog puppy tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to it but am definitely anticipating that we’ll be told we’re doing everything wrong! :-/

  • Consistancy, patience, and mostly love is all a dog needs! It takes time.
    I’m super stoked about the secret boards on Pinterest too! I’ve only got a gift board up and running. When I think of my other two I’ll share for sure.

  • Congrats on getting the blog theme up and running again! Love those printables, by the way. And boy are you right about puppy training. I came into Plax’s life when he was already three, but we still have to teach him things every now and again, like not playing too rough with our friends’ smaller dog and staying in his chair when we get a delivery at the door, and I totally agree it’s more about your willingness as an owner to be patient and consistent in your teaching. Jason tells me the funniest stories about what a little pill he was when he was a puppy (especially because his breed is notoriously stubborn) but it’s all about following through! Hope you’re loving puppy parenthood – it’s my favorite thing!