To Disney World I Go!

Guess what? Today I am heading to Disney World!

In the infancy of our relationship, I was sitting around the dining room table with J and his family and casually answered “no” when asked whether or not I had ever been to Disney. Apparently that’s uncommon? They couldn’t believe I had never been. So this trip is about four years in the making. From then on, it was the mission of my generous in-laws to take me to Disney on a family trip. In fact the other day J told me his dad (whom I would not describe as sentimental) told J the thing he’s looking forward to the most about the trip is seeing my face when we arrive in the parks. (Have I mentioned lately how awesome my in-laws are? I am so grateful.)

I’ll share the details of my trip when I get back, but in the meantime, feel free to follow along on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #neeldisney2012. Yes, we’re so nerdy awesome we have our own hashtag.

I am not sure what I’ve been missing all my life, but can’t wait to find out today!

Have you ever been to Disney World before? 
If yes, What’s your favorite thing to do? Which park was your favorite?
If no, high five for deprived childhoods!*


*Kidding, of course. Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, I wouldn’t trade my imagination-packed, sisterly-adventured, reading-in-trees childhood for anything. :)

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  • Of course, you know I’m reading this but no I’m thrilled that your in-“loves” are so generous and that they are so excited to see my favorite middle daughter’s surprise and joy as she “experiences” Disney World! Can’t wait to see pictures!
    We will be home saving you money by taking care of your precious Leia!

  • You are going to have an AMAZING time. My favorite? EPCOT. And please – try the turkey leg – sooooo good!

  • You are going to have THE BEST TIME. I love disney world. LOVE. magic kingdom is my favorite, there’s just nothing like it. when i told my sister i was pregnant, the first thing she asked was “WHEN DO WE GET TO TAKE THE BABY TO DISNEY WORLD?!” so, answers:

    – Yes, I’ve been a few times; the first was my 5th birthday, the most recent was a couple years ago when we took my cousin to Epcot

    – Favorite thing to do is Space Mountain. It was my first real roller coaster, and it’s sort-of corny now, but as a 5 year old it was amazing. I also love the lazer show at epcot at night, seeing the characters, it’s a small world, i could go on and on. Magic Kingdom is my classic favorite but we visited Animal Kingdom when I was in high school and it was pretty awesome

  • I’m so jealous! Andrew and I went to Disney just before he left for OCS almost 3 years ago. We had both been once before, but when we were younger – there’s something about going as an adult that is just so fun! It’s still one of our favorite trips and we can’t wait to get back…this time with Jack :)

  • I love DIsney – seriously, so much fun. Word to the wise: My friend got the names confused and suggested we go on Splash Mountain thinking it was Space Mountain. We got completely drenched and we had JUST arrived at the park! It made for a hilarious memory but at the time we were cold and wet. Have fun! :-)

  • I just went to Disney for (sort of) the first time a few months ago. Sitting on the ground watching Cinderella’s castle lit up by fireworks, I felt like a kid again!! You will have the best time :)

  • I have been to Disneyland only once, not very long ago… My in-laws took me too! Yay for “deprived” childhoods. I must say I was surprised at how I got so caught up in the magic of the place (yes, I DID feel the magic!) and the enthusiasm of the people dressed up as Disney characters ;) Enjoy!