I Judge Books by Their Covers

It’s true. I judge books by their covers. Don’t we all? Doesn’t it feel like the book will be better if it has a pretty cover? Also, if the book was made into a movie, I avoid the movie cover if I possibly can.

There are so many cute and clever covers out there! Some of my favorites include the Penguin classics…

Adult classics:

Children classics:

Embroidered covers:

And now for my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice! Is it weird that I already own two copies of the book but want to buy a few more of these, just for the covers?

Does anyone else have this obsession with pretty book covers?
Which are your favorite book covers? 

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  • I also judge books by their covers and avoid movie covers at all costs. Before e-books were popular, whenever a book series I liked became a movie, I would make sure to get all the books before the new covers appeared. Like Janet Evanovich started publishing the Stephanie Plum novels in 1994. Then in 2012 Katherine Heigl stars in the first Plum movie and they think they need to redo all the covers to sell a series that has been successful for 20 years?!?!

  • Same here. I gravitate towards a book’s cover even before I know what it is all about. I also detest (strong word, but that is how I feel) buying books with movie covers. I recently purchased “Something Borrowed” book and I was so sad when I realized i got the movie cover. NOOOOO!

  • I like all things pretty so that also includes book covers :) I also always avoid books with movie covers. They simply aren’t as pretty. I’m such a book worm, I’ve read so many books that I don’t think I could pick just one favorite!

  • I have the embroidered Emma and it’s one of my favorites. They are soft back books and really lovely! Actually, I was in Michael’s the other day and saw the Little Women embroidered book for $10, so head there first before going to a big book store. :)

  • That’s funny you mentioned the Stephanie Plum book — the first book is the most recent movie-cover book I’ve about and that’s because I was stuck in an airport and needed something to read, and that cover was the only thing available! Boo…

  • Yes, so disappointing. :)

    I liked it, and she does a good work of making women like a protagonist that we would otherwise hate. She is a good writer. I wrote a book review on my blog, if you want you can read it. One or two spoiler alerts. http://www.thousandmilesfirststeps.com/2012/11/book-review-something-borrowed-by-emily.html
    I also read “Something Blue” (LOVED IT) and her third book just came in the mail. I should get to it next year and would write a review for both.

  • I love pretty covers on books! I have this dream of one day finding a really old and exquisite edition of one of Jane Austens novels or the Bronte sisters, in some dusty antique bookstore. I know, I`m a total book-geek;-)

  • I actually had that experience once! I found an old copy of Pride and Prejudice in an old shop and it doesn’t even have the date in the book, so I’m assuming it’s pretty old. Book geeks unite!