Five Things Friday

1. Who needs prayer? I am running for two hours tomorrow and would love to spend that time praying for you! Comment or email me your requests and I promise they will be lifted up during my 12-mile jaunt.

2. When I got back from my vacation, I had over 1,000 unread blog posts in my Google Reader. Overwhelming! So I decided to mark them all as read and start from scratch. But I couldn’t miss a few of my favorites, so I went back through to see what I missed. Some include my real life friends (hey guys!), Ashley Ann, Posie Gets Cozy, Oh Sweet Joy (she’s having a boy!), A Cup of Jo, Kendi Everyday. Which blogs do you get excited about every time you see they have a new post? I’d love to know which ones they are! (And it’s really okay if you don’t say mine… I love finding out new ones!:)

3. J sent me this link on famous photos turned self-portrait the other day. Pretty funny to image these classic photos as if they were taken from a phone. :)

4. Are there any Hobbit fans out there? I just started reading the book about a week ago and am halfway done, so I assume I’m good for the movie that comes out this weekend (considering they’re breaking the book into three movies… still curious to see how they’re going to do that). Anyway, for any of you fans out there, here’s a cute Hobbit print for you:

5. I am over-the-moon excited about this weekend. Remember my massive to do list? Each line is (hopefully) getting slashed this weekend as I organize my home and Christmas list. This is my last weekend before the craziness and excitement of Christmas comes, so I have got some serious work to do!

What are you up to this weekend? Have a great one!

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  • Aw, your so sweet to offer to pray while you run! I love it :)
    and I totally get overwhelmed by my google reader, so much so that I had stopped looking at it for a few months because it was just too much. I’m back to checking it a few times a week, but I have given myself permission to not keep up.

  • Well congrats on running! I need prayer for two people I know. A young family friend had emergency surgery to take out part of her colon yesterday. Now she is wearing a bag. My heart hurts for her and what she will have to endure now. I’ve been praying for her and it would be awesome if you could pray for her too (initials GS). Another friend really needs a job and lighter burdens (JR). Thanks so much for the offer and may God bless you for it. x

  • this weekend I`m going to enjoy as much as possible because I have a take home exam on monday. I`m going shopping for some new clothes (I havent really bought anything since May!!) and going to a small beach with my dog so that we can throw rocks in the ocean that he has to find over and over and over, and over again. I`d appreciate a prayer for my brother who`s been out of rehab (drugs) for a while, but is still struggling with real life and its temptations.

  • Please pray for my sister. She’s been in the hospital since Monday and every day hopes to be sent home. She’s 30 weeks pregnant with twins and has high blood pressure. She may be sent home tomorrow for bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy or she may have to stay until she delivers. Please pray for lowered blood pressure and two full-term, healthy babies!

  • I would love prayer for my small business. I created Pedia Bear and know that God is blessing me through the process- He is teaching me so much!

  • I prayed for you during my run yesterday, that God would be glorified in your business and give you direction and blessings in the process. Thanks so much for commenting! :)

  • Wow, what a tough situation! I prayed for your sister and her babies yesterday during my run, that God would give the doctors wisdom and a safe delivery for the babies, and patience as she awaits! Thanks so much for commenting. :)

  • I know of a few friends who have struggled with drugs and the very hard process of dealing with rehab and the struggle to remain clean — I prayed for your brother yesterday during my run that God would give him the strength he needs to deal with those temptations and the hard road of recovery. Thanks so much for your message! :)