2012 Finances: How Did We Do?

Y’all, in exactly two weeks we start a brand new year. Can you believe it? This year has flown. I always get excited about the new year. New goals, new dreams, new plans! As I was going through our finances to help create goals for the new year, I decided it would be fun to peak back at this past year and see how we fared.

In 2012:

+  We paid off J’s student loan
+  Our tax refund helped boost our savings (and allowed us to buy an iPad)
+  We started a travel fund from my grandmother
+  We finally fully funded our emergency fund!
+  I got a new job
   We fixed lots of car repairs
+  We moved (and should save over $500/year)
   Our savings took a hit when we adopted our new puppy
+  And so far we have doubled our net worth since January*

Wow! It’s really amazing to see how time and effort go a long way. Slow and steady, my friends. Slow and steady.

How did your finances do this year?
Did your net worth increase or decrease in a year?
What big financial milestones did you hit this year?

*Our net worth has doubled mainly due to no debt, matching 401(k)s, increased savings, and the stock market doing increasingly better this year.
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