2013 Goals

All right! New year, new goals. Who’s ready? I’ll be honest, I’m ready for the new year but not exactly ready to say goodbye to the holidays. My house just looks better in twinkle lights, ya know?

But ready or not, the new year is here. A lot of people snuff at new year resolutions. And that’s normally because resolutions are oftentimes forgotten as soon as MLK weekend rolls around. But goals are different. They are more specific, more attainable than mere resolutions to improve your life. They bring stability and structure to life, and I always look forward ot having something to work towards and challenge myself each month and year. So I created just six goals for this year to focus on, a mixture of challenge and fun.

Run a marathon.
Let’s get this first one out of the way, shall we? The race is January 19th and my only goal is to finish it. No matter if I walk, run, skip, or crawl, if I cross the finish line I’ll be satisfied.

Tour my city. 
If I were visiting the Raleigh-Durham area, where would I go to eat? What places would I visit? I tend to go to the same old places in my ‘hood, so this year I plan to tour my city and try a new local restaurant a month and do more fun things in the area.

Make more time for reading.
I’d like to read 6 fiction books and 6 non fiction books this year. And while we’re at it, maybe join a book club?

Take better pictures. 
Take more meaningful everyday pictures, learn how to use my DLSR camera on manual, and learn filters and settings in Photoshop.

Host more parties!
At the end of hosting a party, I always kick off my shoes and exclaim, That was fun! We should throw more of those! So that’s what I want to do. Throw at least one party (or dinner) at our place a month.

Buy a house! 
… or at least be in a position to be looking at houses this time next year. :)

Do you make new year goals or resolutions? What goals do you have this year? Please leave your goals in the comments or link up to your blog. :)

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  • Wow. Some huge goals in there! I am in awe of anyone who will run more than once round the block. A friend of mine did a 5k charity run and is training to do 10k next. I still cannot fathom the grit and determination required for that. I have no doubt the marathon will simply kick off the rest of a great year!
    I love your goals, fun, gritty and creative… I’m sure that house will happen in good time, when the right one comes along – Happy New Year! x

  • I’m definitely with you on the reading more and figuring out photoshop better. It’s not exactly the most user friendly thing, is it? :-) Happy new year to you!

  • Yeah, I still can’t believe I am about to run an entire marathon. Every time I finish a long run I think, “wait, who just ran that because it wasn’t me!”