Home Tour: Our Bedroom

Today we’re going to take a little home tour in our bedroom! I actually really like the way this room turned out. It’s white, blue, calming and very sunny, thanks to a giant window on one wall.

^Here’s our bed. Our white bedding and pillows are from Pottery Barn and the quilt at the end of the bed is one that my mom gave me for my wedding (the other side has squares of fabric from dresses I used to wear when I was a little girl). One day I’d like to make a DIY headboard for our bed.

^Here’s a closer look at the gallery wall above our bed. Not that we have guests all the time, but I think there’s something special about showcasing our wedding photos in our bedroom, as opposed to the other rooms in the apartment.

^Here is a picture I painted at Wine and Design, an awesome shop where you go and paint a picture (with the help of an artist) and drink wine. What could be better!

^Yes, we have a TV in our bedroom. Not something I ever thought I’d say. J got it for a great deal on Black Friday, and I admit it’s been really nice on the weekends to fall asleep watching something. The white cabinet is one of my favorite pieces from my parents. It opens up to a few shelves where we keep all of our DVDs/BluRay movies and games. The dresser is from J’s family — can anyone think of a way to “modernize” it? Has anyone seen cool ideas for knobs on old dressers like this? Any ideas welcome!

^Here’s a closer look at the top of the white cabinet. I got this lone placemat at Anthropologie when it was on sale, my sister Carrie gave me that vase, and my sister Lucy gave me that print the Christmas after I moved back to NC. That rock says “faithful” on the top, which I wrote years ago in a Bible study. Maybe I’ll share more about that one day. ;) Also, the window above the cabinet is from a vintage shop. I think it needs to be raised higher and I’d love to add a wreath or fabric bunting to it.

^This is a little “dressing area” nook to the left of the bed. It’s right outside of our closet, so I hang my shoes across the door and keep my make-up, hair supplies, and jewelry in this nook. You can’t see it in this picture, but there’s a mirror to the left of the closet door. Also, there’s a bathroom door right next to that, which also isn’t pictured. :)

There you go! Our little bedroom. What items do you like to keep in your room? 

Yesterday: Living, Dining & Kitchen; Tomorrow: Guest Room

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