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A month or so ago I shared a few photos of our guest room with some ideas of how to improve it. Well, sadly I don’t have that much to show you. I added in a few things, decreased some of the clutter, spray painted a bit, but overall the room looks pretty similar. My apologies in advance for the poor quality of these pictures!

^The view when you walk into the room. The curtains are from Urban Outfitters, a bajillion years ago. This is Leia’s favorite spot, looking out the window at all the happenings of our neighborhood. :)

^I have an old bookcase to the right of the window. That painting above the bookcase is one that my mom took from a picture of me when I was little. Alright, this picture is awful, I’m sorry it’s so blurry! And I don’t love the way the books are styled. I thought it would look good to turn over some of the books, but now that I look at it, it just look weird. Oh well! Keeping things real today.

^My desk. I cleared off everything but the monitor (hooked up to an old Mac Mini behind it), a picture, and two cups of pens. I only use this computer to play yoga videos or shows while I work on things in here, so I hid the keyboard in the desk. The white dresser beside the desk houses all of my crafts, tissue paper, and office supplies. That lamp is from Ikea, the mirror is from Target and the calendar I got recently on sale at Anthropologie.

^It was Christmas time when I took this picture and I had added some festive wrapping paper to the bulletin board and added some of my favorite pictures and prints. I may change this to white soon since it’s looking a little cluttery in this corner.

^Here’s a closer look at the shelf above my desk. From left to right: my favorite picture of my family, our wedding invitation framed, “G” wrapped in yarn from my friend Becca, LOVE print from Made by Girl, a picture of our wedding rings, and a painting that we bought on the side of the road in NYC last year for $5 of the reservoir.

^Here’s a closer look at the print on my desk, that my parents gave to me for Christmas. It’s one of my favorite verses and a reminder of how I want to live my life each day. Also, those flowers are pens that my mom and I made for my wedding. We didn’t end up using them, so we have a ton of leftovers. :)

^Here’s the bed. There’s a bookshelf at the end of it that you can’t really see with little “out-of-town” things like magazines and candles. The bed frame is from my in-laws and the bedding is from Pottery Barn. I still want to change the pillow shams to white, but we’ll get to that eventually. The paintings above the bed were painted by my mom. I painted both lamps yellow to add some pop to the room. Ignore that bone on the bed… I took this right before my friends came and that was a gift for Poncho, the great pyrenees.

^The other side of the bed… I painted this side table white (here’s the before), and painted the lamp yellow. I really should have cleaned up that corner. That bucket houses all my “kid” stuff for whenever we have guests with kids over. Also, do you see Leia in the mirror? I told you she loves that window. :)


So there you have it! I didn’t end up creating a gallery wall on the other side of the bed, there’s just a big Paris map on that wall (not pictured–but it used to hang over our bed). It’s my least favorite room in the apartment, but maybe over time it will start to look more put together.

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