Starting the Year Off Right: January Recap

When I first came up with my 2013 goals, I intentionally created things to accomplish each month. It’s just easier to tackle a year’s worth of resolutions on a monthly basis, you know? I also wanted things that would put me out of my comfort zone a little but also leave me saying, Hey that was fun! after it was done.

Those monthly goals are:
1. Visit one local restaurant
2. Do one fun local activity
3. Have at least one gathering at our place
4. Read one book

Here’s how I fared in January:

Local Restaurant: Foster’s Market in Durham
I went to Foster’s Market on my lunch break to meet up with an old coworker. It’s one of those iconic restaurants that magazines like Southern Living and Gardens and Gun reference, and I can’t believe I had never been there before. It’s a market-style restaurant where you order at the counter and take your food to one of the adorable mis-matched vintage table and chairs across the store.  I ordered the salad samplers (chicken, potato and garden salad), and they were all great and affordably priced. Next time I want to go back for brunch in the spring; their outdoor seating looks so ideal for a long, lingering breakfast.

Foster's Market
(Photo is taken from their website)

Local Activity: Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum 
Almost a year ago I purchased a Groupon for the Contemporary Art Museum in downtown Raleigh. J and I both love art museums, so I thought for sure we’d use it by now, but as is the story with all Groupons, we put it off until the expiration date was fast-approaching. We went this past Sunday, and I’m sad to say were pretty disappointed. First off, their main exhibit area upstairs was in between shows, so it was just the artist and his assistant mapping out their plans in an empty room. That’s okay, we thought, there’s still a downstairs. We walked down and were surprised to find a really small room of maybe ten pieces. We tried to muffle our laughter on the irony of it all. But the art we did see was interesting and we still had a great time together, but in the future I think I would stick to the free Museum of Art off Blue Ridge Road instead of paying $5 for a two-room museum. We also bought this best beginner duck call for our hunting trip next week.

Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum | My Pretty Pennies

Host Friends
We had two “organized” hosting parties this month — one for New Year (which spanned the whole weekend) and another for a Golden Globes party. We also had some friends over to watch TV shows, but I don’t count that because that didn’t really require any thought or effort.

New Years Party | My Pretty Pennies

Read a book
I read listened to Bossypants this month for the No Commitment Blogger Book Club, and I’m so excited to share my thoughts and hear what you guys think. Stay tuned for my review on the blog Monday morning. :)


Have you made an effort to try new things this month? How did your January goals go? 

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  • Great goals! and it always feels so rewarding to accomplish them :) I really need to listen to more audiobooks since I’m so terrible about taking time to read.