February Goals

February Goals from My Pretty Pennies

I’ve been looking forward to this month for a really long time. That marathon I ran two weeks ago pretty much consumed my thoughts for the last five months, so February has meant a chance to relax, recharge, and refocus.

February Goals

  • Start our 2012 taxes
  • Come up with a new exercise plan/schedule
  • Try to stay under budget in discretionary categories (food, shopping, etc.)
  • Clean out my closet and sell or donate unused clothes
  • Cook three new recipes
  • Teach a class on budgeting for the Influence Network!  <– Click for deets!
  • Finish fodmaps diet and find out allergens
  • Try a new local restaurant and local activity
  • Read What Alice Forgot
  • Host a dinner or party at our place

Do you create monthly goals? If so, please feel free to use this graphic and link up each month! I’d love to see your goals for February. The link-up format will be inactive after 15 days.


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  • Thanks for the inspiration! How are you goals going? I know it’s taken me a while, but I have been repeatedly clicking “keep unread” for your post in my reader and I’ll be finally linking up on Monday – I’ve written the post but it’s not going out yet.. I guess I should wait until then to post it in your link-up? :) Also, do I just take the graphic and stick it on the end of my post? I’ve never linked up to anything before!