Cost per Wear

I’ve become a little schizophrenic when I go shopping. I look at an article of clothing, like a sweater, and ten thoughts start running in my head simultaneously: Do I like this? Is this timeless or trendy? Will it be out of season next year? Is it worth buying for just one season? Do I have something to pair with this in my closet? How many outfits could I make with this? Is this worth buying? I wonder when this will go on sale? Will I regret not getting it if I leave?

Shopping makes me tired.

One thing I like to consider, that normally answers all those questions, is called “Cost per Wear.”


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  • I tend to calculate the cost per season when it comes to expensive outerwear and shoes. Though it might be a big expense at that moment, I always think about the quality of the product and how long time it`s going to last, which makes the purchase feel way better. And I have to say, it`s worked well so far.